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Although I am young, I have been developing web sites and web applications for nearly a decade now. I started out on Notepad, writing up HTML and CSS for fun in my spare time. It wasn't long before I had put together my own website in Microsoft FrontPage and posted it on Geocities.

I built websites for the organizations I was affiliated with. (Church, Boy Scouts, etc) I spent 2 years in the IT Development Department of Teen Mania Ministries. It was there that I learned all about Application Development, Database Development and Code Maintenance.

Additionally, I am a huge supporter of open-source software, so I contribute wherever I can. I am an early-adopter of all sorts of new technologies, making sure to try something brand-new with every project I undertake.


  • jWizard — A jQuery UI Widget for generating a wizard interface based on a simple HTML form.
  • node-couchdb-api — A node.js module for interacting with a CouchDB database, following standard conventions for callbacks and exposing a clean, readable API.

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